We are a not-for profit organisation established in 2000, whose work is centred around the understanding, conservation and promotion of the estuary’s natural and historical environments.

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19th June 2017 Asian hornet – DEFRA launch new app to report sightings

DEFRA has launched a new free app, designed to make it easy for members of the public to report sightings of the Asian hornet.  Following the discovery of a nest in Gloucestershire last Autumn, there are fears that they could reappear again in the country,...

27th January 2017 Guardians of the Deep – HLF success

We are delighted to announce that the Heritage Lottery Fund has agreed to support Guardians of the Deep, a three year project that aims to engage local communities, businesses and visitors by raising awareness of Kent's important marine habitats and promoting an active and on-going guardianship role to protect them...

21st September 2016 Asian hornet reaches the UK

The GB Non-native species secretariat confirmed this week, that an Asian hornet has been found near Tetbury in Gloucestershire. Whilst the species poses no additional threat to humans, its presence could have a devastating impact on the UK's honey bee population. Visit the secretariat's website for further information. Photo © Jean...

18th August 2016 Going Abroad? Don’t bring back more than you bargained for

In recent years, the rate of new introductions of invasive freshwater species to Britain has increased dramatically. Following the 1992 creation of a canal the Danube and Rhine rivers, numerous species have spread rapidly into Western Europe. Many of these, which include the killer shrimp,...