We are a not-for profit organisation established in 2000, whose work is centred around the understanding, conservation and promotion of the estuary’s natural and historical environments.

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15th May 2017 The Cambria Trust – Volunteers wanted

Established in 1990, the Cambria Trust is dedicated to preserving the Cambria, a wooden Thames sailing barge built at Greenhithe in 1906 and famed as the last British registered vessel to carry a commercial cargo under sail alone (until 1970). Now fully restored, the trust is looking for...

18th January 2017 Draft South Marine Plan

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is currently consulting on its Draft South Marine Plan. Developed alongside stakeholders, it is a robust evidence based plan tailored to meet the economic, environmental and social needs of the south marine plan area. It highlights the need for co-existence,...

18th January 2017 Medway Council – Local Plan Consultation

Medway Council is preparing a new Local Plan that will guide the development of Medway up to 2035. Medway is one of the largest urban areas in the south east. In 2015 its population had grown to 276,472 and this is projected to increase to 330,200 by...

6th January 2017 Microbead Consultation

Defra has recently launched a consultation, seeking views on the UK’s proposed ban on the manufacture and sale of cosmetics and personal care products containing microbeads (tiny plastics particles, less than 5mm in diameter) which can harm the marine environment. The consultation also seeks to gather evidence on the...