We are a not-for profit organisation established in 2000, whose work is centred around the understanding, conservation and promotion of the estuary’s natural and historical environments.

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Led by the Kent Downs AONB, Kent Orchards for Everyone is a three year HLF funded project recognising the huge cultural and wildlife losses which will occur if traditional orchards are allowed to disappear. Through extensive consultation with communities living in close proximity to traditional orchards, fifteen community orchards were prioritised for support and for communities to actively participate in conserving and celebrating their heritage. A key aim of the project is to establish Orchard wardens, trained in the skills necessary to help contribute to the long term care of the orchards, ensuring they are conserved and sustained for future generations.

Within the MSEP area, the three orchards included in the project are at Iwade (near Sittingbourne), Hillyfields (Gillingham) and Northward Hill (near High Halstow).

You can find more about the project (including forthcoming events) here.