We are a not-for profit organisation established in 2000, whose work is centred around the understanding, conservation and promotion of the estuary’s natural and historical environments.

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The estuary is home to a number of yacht clubs and marinas, offering a wide range of recreational and competitive sailing activities. Most clubs have visitor moorings, which are available upon request. For those who don’t own a boat, there are also several organisations who can provide unique opportunities to explore the estuary.

Further information on clubs, marinas and moorings, can be found here

Further information on boating trips can be found here




Fishing is still very much a part of estuary life, both commercially and recreationally. To find out more about about recreational fishing opportunities in the area, simply visit a local bait and tackle shop. If you plan to dig for your own bait in the estuary, please follow Natural England’s bait digging code.


Personal water craft


Opportunities for riding personal watercraft (jet skis) in the estuary are extremely limited. Visiors wishing to use their own watercraft, should contact  Peel Ports to find out where they can legally ride and follow the PWC Code of Conduct.


Please help to protect the estuary’s natural environment by:

  • Not alighting on the many privately owned islands, which often act as high tide roosts for birds, as this will increase the chances of their nests being abandoned.
  • Keeping your distance when you spot wildlife. Use binoculars to get a close up.
  • Where possible, using only official moorings.
  • Using recognised landing places
  • Observing speed limits, navigation rules and bylaws.
  • Following the Check-Clean-Dry guidance, to help prevent the spread of non-native plants and animals.


You can find additional information on how boaters and boating businesses can reduce their impact on the environment here.